Your printer is ready

Posted on: 3rd July 2017

TouchTec | Print Solutions London

Today’s multifunction devices (MFDs can help to transform the way we work to match these changing requirements. For example:

Cut costs.

Simple things like double-sided printing and the ability to print two pages side by side can cut paper consumption by 75%. New output management technology, such as Samsung’s Confidential Print and Secure Release, can prevent unauthorised printing, unauthorised use of colour or simply solve that age-old problem of people printing something but forgetting to pick it up. All this adds up to less expenditure and less waste to harm the environment.

Scrap your filing cabinets.

A multifunction device isn’t just for output. With an automatic document feeder, it’s a digital on-ramp too. You can scan in documents and save them to your file server or cloud storage as a PDF file or email them straight through to the right person. An MFD can turn a post room into a digital scanning office or digitise the contents of your filing cabinets, saving space.

Enable digital workflows.

With tools like Samsung’s Easy Document Creator, you can use an MFD to initiate digital workflows that turn scanned paper documents into business processes with a single touch. This can make whole offices much more efficient. And because MFDs are connected to the network, often with Wi-Fi, you can put them almost anywhere, which can further increase productivity.

Support mobile working.

These days, an increasing number of MFDs support direct wireless printing, which means that you can print or scan direct from a smartphone or tablet without having to connect to a wireless access point first. You can scan in a document, sign it on your phone and then email a copy for filing and send another copy back to the MFD to fax it to someone else – without even touching a computer.

While the goal of a completely paperless office may always be out of reach, the less-paper office is a reality today. Moving from a paper-centric to a digital-centric approach using smart multifunction devices is a critical step to achieving it. Today, our printers work for us, we don’t work for them.