What are your real print management needs?

Posted on: 23rd January 2017

TouchTec | Print Solutions London

Print management can save you time, money and resource as well as make your staff more satisfied with their working tools. But how do you really know what level of print management is the right level for you?

A leading source Gartner estimates that businesses are now spending between 3% and 5% of their annual revenue/budget on printing. But is this really necessary? In today’s technological world there is a larger selection of print and copy management tools than ever before. This vast availability means that organisations will often vastly over-spend on products they don’t need or worse, under estimate their real requirement and spend the entire lease paying for the consequences.

Effective print management will help you identify the “what, when and how” of your printer and copier needs.

The What:
What do you print? Is it for internal use only? Or do you need to present documents to important clients?

The When:
When do you print? Does your need go in peaks and troughs?

The How:
How many documents do you print, scan or copy on a daily basis?