Drum Replacement Unit

We know that time is key and while you wait, here are some easy fix tips to find the solution!

Drum Unit Replacement


  • Please turn the machine off before replacement.
  • Please only perform this procedure if confident & have permission from you service provider.
  • Drums are light sensitive so please unpack the newunit once you have removed the old one.
  • Please clean the laser glass when replacing the

    Drum unit, explained in images 6-7.

How to Replace a Drum Unit

  1. Open front door, remove the waste tone bottle which is released by the two blue tabs On either side & then push the blue drum lever down on the colour unit you wish to replace.
  1. Pull out the drum unit in which you wish to replace.
  2. Insert the new drum unit until the orange plastic cover meets the machine.

(Please see below for Drum unit unpacing)

  1. Remove orange plastic cover.
  2. Slide New drum unit into place.
  3. Flick lock lever back up. (it will click)
  4. Remove Laser glass cleaning rod from front door. (slide right to remove)
  5. Under each drum unit is a black slot, push the rod in pad first, push this forward and back About 3 times each way & then put this back into the front door.



Install waste toner box, close the front door & switch the machine on.