Paper Handling

We know that time is key and while you wait, here are some easy fix tips to find the solution!

Paper Handling

The DO’s and DONT’s of how to handle your paper!


  •        Please use Laser Printer paper only!!!

    ·         Keep in original packet & reseal after opening!

    ·         Store paper at  room temperature.

    ·         Store & stack paper on level surfaces.

    ·         Make sure you change printer settings to match paper weight.



  • Do not use Inkjet paper in your device!!!
  • Do not leave reem packaging open.
  • Do not store & stack on uneven surfaces.
  • Do not Store in areas with a draft, vent or subject to cold temperatures.


If you don’t follow the above your printer/multifunctional device will find it difficult to perform. 

You could experience persistent jamming & copy quality issues. 

Loading paper into the tray:

  1. Pull out the tray towards you, move the lateral guides out & back stop to the very rear of the tray.
  2. Remove paper from packaging & split the reem in half. (This will make it easier to load accurately).
  3. With the 1st half, fan the paper, place in the tray against the right-hand side & move both lateral guides in.
  4. Fan & place 2nd half in the tray on top of 1st
  5. Move back stop flush with the back of the paper stack & double check the lateral guides are flush too.
  6. Push paper draw back into device.

Note: Do not over fill tray & avoid creasing or stacking paper unevenly