Paper Jam

We know that time is key and while you wait, here are some easy fix tips to find the solution!

Is your Paper Jamming in your document feeder? 

Here are some quick easy steps to find the solution!

1. Open top cover with grey handle.

2. Locate paper, has it gone half way though? If so follow steps below. If not remove. 

3. Lift the 2nd side guide to locate paper.

4. Lift up document feeder.

5,push the  green roller anti clockwise (direction of paper transport) to remove paper safely.  

If that does not work proceed to Index 2 

6. Index 2, if you have a single pass document feeder this roller will be replaced by a handle which opens a paper section where the jam could be located.

7. Jammed paper will be removed with this roller to remove jam.

8. Close all covers.

Side note: Please always remove paper in the direction of transport; this is to avoid damaging your feeder or tearing your document.