Waste Toner Box Replacement

We know that time is key and while you wait, here are some easy fix tips to find the solution!

How To Replace A Waste Toner Box

Note: Please wait until machine tells you the waste toner box is full.

The device will have a flashing red light & printing will have stopped in-order to do this.

  1. Open front door (This will have the device model written on it and be larger than the rest of the front panels), Remove full WTB, to release this push blue tabs located either side from the inside to out.
  2. Remove new WTB from packaging, remover blue cover & disposal bag from the box.
  3. Place blue cover onto used WTB removed from step 2.
  4. Place used WTB into disposal bag.
  5. Insert new WTB into machine between the two blue tabs until it clicks & locks in.

Note: Please wash hands with soap & cold water if you spill on hands.

If spilt on floor please do not rub in.