What We Do

Implementing a managed print solution delivers up to 40% savings. Let us show you how, with a detailed review of your current contracts.

Printer Ink
Printer Ink

What We Do

Printer Ink
Implementing a managed print solution delivers up to 40% savings. Let us show you how, with a detailed review of your current contracts.

We understand

that our business can only grow, if yours does.

At TouchTec, we think we’re unique for thinking the red carpet service shouldn’t end when clients sign their hardware contract. But for us, that’s where great service starts, not stops.

From software that enhances the print environment to intuitive document management and remote monitoring of users and devices, TouchTec’s smart office systems can transform the way people see your business.

Designed with simple connectivity in mind, our intelligent products integrate seamlessly with your network and all your third-party software. Better still, our fully-managed solutions include security that integrates into your existing access control systems and Active Directory.

Step 1

Data Acquisition & Analysis

First, we talk everything through with you.

What exactly do you need, and why do you need it? How big is your team, and what do they need? And as well as identifying your requirements, if you can tell us a bit about your business goals and aspirations, we’ll have a much better idea of how can we help you achieve them.

This is big-picture, blue-sky stuff; think big, and let us worry about how it’ll work. After that first meeting, we’ll have developed a pretty clear idea of the functionality you’re looking for, and the infrastructure you’ve already got. And just so we’re all clear, we pull everything together into a comprehensive document, just like this one.

The proof of concept and site survey are incredibly powerful tools: together they give us all the detail we need to have an accurate picture of your unique print environment. We take time to complete our analysis, for one very simple reason: the more we learn about your business, the better we understand it. And the more we can help. For us, great data means we can design the system you need, not sell you whatever’s in stock.

Step 2

Proposal & Implementation

Then we put our thinking caps on.

Once we’ve understood what makes your business tick, we can draft an implementation plan for your new fleet of MFDs.

It’ll be bare-bones, and not too pretty (we’re not paying attention to design just yet), but it will show you exactly how the new equipment will fit in with the systems and networks you’ve already got.

With this plan as a starting point, we can then work with you to tailor it further so it reflects the unique characteristics of your sites and staff.

This blueprint allows us to install it efficiently and integrate it seamlessly, using technicians who know how to get it up and running. With no fuss or dramas for you, and no disruption for your business.

Step 3

After-Sales Support & Servicing

It’s installed and live!

When we’ve finished installing the equipment, we’ll give you the know-how to use it, by getting our technical specialists in to give your team some proper training on how it all works, and how to get the best out of it.

But that not the end of our involvement with your new systems. You need service that’s just as impressive as your copier fleet, which is why with TouchTec, excellence come as standard.

Not only do we offer an iron-clad Total Service Guarantee, we cover the whole of the UK, with a nationwide network of service engineers on standby across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

All engineers are trained to the highest standards our industry can offer, including device training from our partners including Konica Minolta, a company TouchTec has been privileged to have as a partner for many years.

Our team now has a combined service history within the Managed Print Service market spanning more than 30 years.