About TouchTec

We’re an experienced team of professionals who work with passion & skill to deliver a tailored approach to office automation.

Who We Are

We thrive on the relationships we build.

TouchTec team

Client-focused and flexible, the TouchTec team specialises in supplying, installing and maintaining the latest multi-function devices (MFDs), which seamlessly integrate your printing, scanning and copying.

In short, we specialise in delivering technology that does more, helping you achieve more. What that actually means is that as much as we love building and installing cutting-edge, beautifully-designed systems with all the knobs and bells and whistles, our top priority will always be your business.

As a company, TouchTec was established with a very simple aim: to help London’s businesses manage, maintain and remotely monitor an impressively diverse range of state-of-the art multi-functional office systems.

But to see us a just another reseller is to miss what really makes TouchTec different: our team has detailed experience of finding the perfect solutions for clients in many of the UK’s most challenging industries – insurance and asset management, professional associations and trade bodies, courier companies and more – to deliver a digital solution that will suit the unique needs of your business.

So whether you’re a start-up or a multi-national, and whether you need one machine on one site or dozens on dozens, it’s not just what our systems look like that’s important: we know that for most clients, it’s really four things that matter most – functionality, productivity, reliability and support. 

That’s where we excel. And that’s why TouchTec systems achieve so much more.

Our Vision

To treat every client brilliantly.

Some firms see their customers as data points, with profit potential shaping the treatment they receive. To us, big or small, local or global, every customer is special, their business utterly unique.

And our vision is to treat them equally well. We think we could be onto something here. Because different as they are from one another, they all have one thing in common: they chose TouchTec for their office automation.

Our Mission

We want to earn your trust.

Our mission is deceptively simple: first, we want to win your business. Then, we want to earn your trust. Because in our book, earning someone’s trust means keeping their business. For good.

So we’ll take time to understand your business – getting to know it the way you do, and your people do. That way, we can recommend a system that’s right for your company as well as your cashflow.